Portland Based. Attorney Centered. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Located in the heart of Old Port at 10 Dana Street, Black Point Title Attorneys have extensive experience dealing with title issues and handling the nuances of the regulated lending environment.

At Black Point Title, from referral until closing, you deal directly with the Attorney assigned to the file. We cut out the layers of paralegals and support staff so that you can get the answers you need and close stress free. If you aren't totally satisfied with our services then we will refund your closing fee. 

Residential Closings

Buying a home can be a long and difficult process. The seemingly endless requests for paperwork from your lender, the competitive nature of finding the right property, and the change of routine that moving can bring to a family only serve to complicate the process. At Black Point Title we remove the frustration from the "home stretch" of the purchasing process. You deal directly with decision makers, get the answers you need when you need them, and work with Attorneys who value communication with all the stakeholders in the closing process. 


Commercial Closings

All of the Attorneys at Black Point Title have expertise in commercial transactions. We have extensive experience assisting clients directly in the commercial purchase and sale process. Our Attorneys also have experience owning and operating their own small businesses which offers a unique understanding of the Commercial Closing experience. Whether the property is large or small, the focus of the transaction or incident to it, Black Point Title can offer a depth of experience that few other title companies can offer.